• Sign up for a homepage kit (free trial)
  • Choose a website design that suits you
  • Add the desired pages
  • The contents (text, pictures, videos) complete
  • Publish website

There are two ways to start: if you already know that you want to use a home page builder, you can go straight to our comparison of the best website builders. Some providers may already know you from advertising (for example, 1 & 1 and Strato), while others may not be as well-known, but could be much better suited to your project. Examples are Jimdo, Weebly, Webnode and Wix. There you will also find the advantages and disadvantages of modular solutions.

Our reviews are independent and focus on one criterion: quality. You as a user are welcome to post your own testimonials, feedback and questions – our readers appreciate this option and have already sent several thousand comments.

If all this is completely new to you, would you rather learn a bit more about how to create your own website? Then we recommend that you download our free eBook “The Homepage Guide for Absolute Beginner”. Among other things, we explain to you when it makes sense to create your own homepage and when it is better to bring a professional web designer on board.

Not sure what exactly a homepage kit should be? Do not worry, just read on.

Website Builders are special programs for creating homepages designed specifically for the needs of newbies. You do not need any programming skills – forget about HTML, PHP and all the other words that you find Spanish.

These homepage programs offer various thematic design templates that you can easily select with one click. The templates can then be further tailored to your needs and add your own images, text and videos. There are no complicated input masks as in classic homepage editors or content management systems (CMS): they actually see what they will look like later on the website. The best: even free websites are possible!

A homepage builder runs completely in your web browser (eg Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer). Since you do not have to install anything on your PC or Mac, you can get started much faster. It does not matter whether you access it from Germany, Austria or Switzerland or any other part of the world – all you need is Internet access.

If you are stuck somewhere, please send us a message! We are happy to help you.