Creating your own website

Creating your own website is much easier nowadays than many people think. Because who is able to use Microsoft Word and manage his Facebook account.

You really do not have to be a programmer or web designer.

In this article, we introduce you to three ways to achieve your goal:

Create a website with a homepage builder – easy

Creating a website with a Content Management System – intermediate

Programming a website yourself – very complex

We deal with the first two ways more intensively. Anyone expecting an HTML tutorial here will be disappointed, sorry

Create a website with a homepage builder

Let’s start with the simplest version: the homepage builder. This is the all-inclusive package, so to speak, because designs, editor, hosting, domain (for example, and support are usually managed by a provider. The provider takes care of complicated technical tasks himself.

One should not think that this would be interesting only for beginners. It just depends on the project. Why complicated, if it is easy? Almost all homepage kits have a free entry-level version. You can put it to the acid test and then decide if it’s worth the purchase.

Price starts at about 5-10 EUR / month. For domain and e-mail inboxes sometimes fall again extra costs.


Very simple operation

Support included

No additional software required

Start without technical knowledge


Additional functions can not always be retrofitted (depending on the homepage module)

One is altogether more inflexible, since one is dependent on a supplier.

Not suitable for very complex projects that require databases.

The most famous providers are Jimdo, Wix and 1 & 1. In our large overview you will find more homepage kits.

You can test Jimdo’s Homepage Building Kit without obligation and for as long as you like.